Sunday, 17 November 2013

Rich Fashion Advisory - sweatshirt

Hi ! : )

I made it time ago, but I had to remake it. Now it is for download.
"Rich Fashion Advisory" -  we can find it everywhere.. on bags, shirts, skirts, sweatshirts or beanies. I adore this and i did a sweatshirt with it for sims. I hope you'll like it! :-)

~three variants
~one recolorable channel

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I love U <3
Have a nice evening!

Friday, 1 November 2013


Hei Guys!

How did you spend Halloween? Did you knock and say 'Trick or treat?' ?

In poland we don't celebrate halloween, but some children wear funny or scary costumes and they visit families and ask for some sweets or tangerines (because they like it). What about me? Halloween is a American holiday. Polish people (catholics) have other culture. 1st and 2nd October are All Saints Day and All Souls' Day. These days are sad, because we mention dead people. So i don't celebrate Halloween too.

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Me and Marti are creating sweater now: mesh by me is already done. I think mr donut will go to me tomorrow (but i don't know) and we will finish it. Wait patiently!

I'm wondering about change the template. This is old and boring :D. Expect the new template in the near future :)

Take care. : )